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Hey, listen up   
05:37am 07/02/2005
mood: aggravated
I have the feeling that this place is going to get really strange really quickly. If I'm wrong... hey, won't be the first time. But I don't think I am. Two Rikus, and the original acting weird, Heartless, the coats, multiple baddies....

Why don't I take care of this all at once to, you know, maybe shake a few clues loose as to how I go about fixing the worlds?

In that spirit....

You want me? Come and get me. I dare you.

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05:49am 04/02/2005
  In case any of you are wondering; I'm not looking for a job. The whole Keyblade Master thing takes up my time... and Donald and Goofy and I have sort of killed enough Heartless that the munny from a job isn't really necessary. (Yeah, that many. Hey, three years is a long time!) Since we're all here, though, I'm up to helping out with protecting the city (since I'll be doing it anyway, in my own way) as long as it's understood that I'm not under anyone's command but my own.

Riku, if you need someone to talk to or vent at, find me. I'll help you however I can.

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Hey all   
08:27am 30/01/2005
  I'm conscious.

And very, very sore. Ow. Next time I think it'll be a good idea to spend a day straight fighting swarms of Heartless, I'll know it's really not. And do it anyway, but that might be just me.

Traverse Town's probably gone by now. We did our best, but....

Anyway! I'm glad to see that it looks like everyone got out okay.

Riku, King Mickey, I've got some news I need to let you both know.

Selphie, Kairi, see? Told you I'd make it out okay. And Donald and Goofy too!

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heh heh heh....   
05:36pm 22/07/2004
mood: refreshed
Uhm... so I've been sleeping. As in, just now woke up.

I'm guessing that means I was tired. Either that or Donald managed to find tranquilizers.

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01:33am 17/07/2004
  Where did all the Heartless come from all of a sudden? It's like... whoosh, we're right back where we started! Now I know what my Mom felt like when she said she felt like a maid at a hotel when she went into my room. Like everything's a mess again and I just finished cleaning it up! Well, a while back anyway, but.... If I ever get home again, I swear I'll keep my room totally neat and tidy.

This is the first chance I've had to sit down with my journal in a while.

First Donald, Goofy, and I were trying to find a way off the world we ended up in (loooooong very boring story), and of course it was sealed off. It was annoying, kinda, but it was okay too. Sealed off is good, y'know, means all the worlds are separated. Not connected.

And then BAM! We could travel again, using the gummi ship! Just like that. Meaning... meaning... something. Maybe... the worlds are connected again? I wish I'd had a chance to talk to the King. He probably knows all this stuff and I still feel like I'm just guessing sometimes. But how could that be, the door was sealed, from both sides!

But anyway it's been busy; there's Heartless everywhere! I'm glad I have Donald and Goofy with me, otherwise I'd be way more tired than I am.

We landed in Halloweentown a little while ago, to re-seal the Keyhole and see if maybe Dr. Finkelstein has kept up on researching the Heartless. I still remember them just floating around not hurting anyone, right when we landed the first time. They wouldn't dance, but I don't really think that's a failing.

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